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Web And Databases Aplications


Online application with dinamic data organizing should have reliability to handle data proccessing in all online data retrieving. Althought many applicant access that data, still have data consistency, it means data won't change until permission have given by other throught certain proccess. Integrated element in an Online data organizing or data retrieving consist of login validation to access the data with user level permission.


We considered that database design have important role in data organizing dan data accessing. We have analyzed that Database design with a minimum redundancy is one of the best solution to provide better communication between data when many user use the same data at the same time. Sometime database become unuseful when we realize that the application does not have large data -we know them as record- to store in a database, it may better if we just use file based for data store. We have ability to analyzed and decide which part of data element that contain in the application should use database design and which part of data element should use filebased design. All of our analyzed depend on the needs of the client, but the important thing that we just give you the best solution for database design.


Dinamic data contain in a web-based application should have a good performance in retrieving, organizing and displaying data based on needs. It must have ability to be retrieved even from a long distance region. Some problem may come in organizing process, that situation may come worst if we do not have back up data during the organizing process. There are some reason why certain company do not realize how important for backing up the data.

We consider that data organizing have important role in a dinamic data for web-based application, and organizing proccess may run in best performance if we have internal data storage for back up data to avoid unnecessary problem that may occur during the organizing data proccess.